As leaders in efficiency and automation, INFOSTOP shredders are manufactured to the highest standard using latest technology to ensure your productivity. We are based and distribute all products from our Brisbane warehouse and offer a direct line of customer support on 1800 882 262.

We supply shredders for a wide range of applications from paper shredders for your home, office, large enterprise, high security Government departments, industrial and special use like hard drive shredders, casino shredders and can/plastic bottle waste reduction.

We also supply a range of consumables including shredder oil, shredder oil sheets, shredder bags and replacement parts.

INFOSTOP is Australia and New Zealand’s own shredder brand and under full Australian ownership. Recognised for being at the forefront of innovation, INFOSTOP over time has earned a reputation for quality, leading features, and longevity with high quality backup support.

Overall levels of user satisfaction are extremely high with INFOSTOP products, becoming a highly regarded brand expressed through many user reviews. It would be realistic to say, INFOSTOP is by far the most reviewed shredder brand in Australia and New Zealand.

We are indeed proud of our brands and respected reputation which continues to build over time and is a result of direct end user engagement, where discussion of “best product fit” takes place. Importantly with a high degree of accessibility during sourcing and whenever after sales support is required, it’s easy to understand why INFOSTOP has become Australia and New Zealand’s own favourite paper shredder brand.

INFOSTOP’s sub brands include:

  • automaster time saving auto feeding paper shredders, an extensive range of sizes and security levels designed for offices of all sizes.
  • GREENWAY cardboard perforating shredders that Upcycle cardboard into effective packaging and void fill, helping improve sustainability by reducing landfill and use of plastic packaging.

Because INFOSTOP are delivering more modern technologies to the market via a reliable supply chain, a great deal of focus goes into a system of spot testing components within our supplier’s operations with results reported and only accepted from our component suppliers upon set requirements being passed. For incoming components arriving for assembly, the same system of spot testing is repeated and compared and only released to our assembly lines once fit for purpose has been determined.

Testing of components include:

  • Transmission integrity such as “Gear Tooth and Hub Pressure” testing to determine strength and durability.
  • Repeated PCB functionality testing simulated as operated on respective paper shredder models.
  • Motor functionality under similar varied conditions to shredding over various loads and durations.
  • Cutter composition, consistency of grinding thickness and machining finish.
  • Quality of injection moulding
  • Paint finish, assembly, and overall attention to detail.

We are using latest technologies, time proven methods with high quality components for assembling product which is definitely the angle that we are operating to deliver high quality paper and cardboard shredding machines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

It’s an extremely exciting time for anyone that joins our business. You can join as a member in the distribution logistics team for instance and if you show you have the attributes of being a team leader, it gets noticed very quickly. In relatively short amounts of time, people have grown into roles they thought they may not have grown into and are doing a fantastic job of.

Without our team we’ve got nothing, which we are acutely aware of. Being a dynamic and growing company there is always something interesting happening and the workplace is a platform to derive a high degree of job satisfaction.

Gaining this is only achieved through exercising our mission of core values being: Integrity, Initiative, Passion and Teamwork to deliver the best advice and products available. Put simply, together as a cohesive team, we accomplish great things, and we take great pride in all of what we do.

As we embark on our sustainability mission, we are one of few Green Companies that instantly enable tangible, sustainable solutions to the masses. From cardboard perforating shredders replacing single use plastics and reducing land fill, to packaging tapes manufactured from paper and complimentary products that not only reduce reliance on physical resources but are also efficient in a commercial sense by saving time and money.