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INFOSTOP shredders are manufactured to the highest standard using latest technology to ensure your productivity. Our goal is to make shredding as easy as possible and help you protect your information. Learn more about INFOSTOP.

INFOSTOP Library quiet paper shredders

Unmatched Quiet Operation

Efficient and convenient shredders with unmatched “Library Quiet” operation. Hear it to believe it!
INFOSTOP no jam shredding

No Jam Shredding

Say goodbye to paper jams with predective DocuFlow “No-Jam Shredding Technology”
INFOSTOP Safe shred

Automatic User Protection

Intuitive override functions and visual alerts ensure the safe use for you and your staff

Product Range

Reliable, secure shredders for your home and home office.
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Office shredders for any size office, we have all your needs covered.
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Save time while destroying your documents automatically.
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Reliably destroy high security (Class A and B) paper and optical media.
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Maximum productivity with effortless and continuous operation.
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Hard Drive shredders and specialist solutions including casino/gaming shredders.
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Cardboard perforators and shredders for turning cardboard into eco-friendly packaging.
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Paper shredder consumables including shredder oil and bags plus packaging consumables.
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Paper Shredder Bags

Should you use shredder bags?

About paper shredder bags and finding the right fit.

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How to oil your paper shredder

Oiling your paper shredder

How to oil your paper shredder for maximum efficiency and longevity.

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Chooing the right paper shredder

Choosing the right paper shredder

Help choosing the right paper shredder for your application.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

5 Star Reviews

“Love this machine - capable of large quantities of paper and you don't have to waste time watching over it. Criss cross shreds for added security”

Sharon - Review from shreddersales.com.au 15/2/23
5 Star Reviews

“Great machine not to big but big on saving time !”

Tenille - Review from shreddersales.com.au 8/2/23
5 Star Reviews

“Very fast and reliable. Can't go wrong!”

Ash - Review from shreddersales.com.au 30/1/23
5 Star Reviews

"We run a large scale operation and this shredder has been great for shredding large amounts of documents without being forced to manually feed them in. The automatic shredding feature is a massive time-saver!"

Hope - Review from shreddersales.com.au 6/3/23
5 Star Reviews

"great shredder that chews through anything - great for CD's and similar media"

Nathan - Review from shreddersales.com.au 10/3/23
5 Star Reviews

"Love being able to add the paper & let the machine do it's job. We don't have to stand and hand feed the paper in like our old machine."

Leanne - Review from shreddersales.com.au 22/3/23