Oiling your paper shredder

Oiling your cross cut, micro cut or strip cut paper shredder is important to keep your shredder running at maximum performance. To oil your paper shredder:

  1. Turn your shredder off so it will not start shredding when you feed paper
  2. Feed 4 sheets of paper into your shredder (use more, side by side if you have a wide feed opening)
  3. Start your shredder, allow it to run only until it first grabs the paper and then stop it immediately
  4. Squeeze oil in a zig-zag pattern in between the middle 2 sheets of paper
  5. Start your shredder again and shred the sheets of paper with oil in the middle
  6. Run your shredder in reverse for 2-3 seconds

How often should you oil your shredder?

It’s recommended to oil your paper shredder every time that you empty the waste bin. If you notice your shredder getting jammed more easily or not performing as well, it would be a good idea to oil.

Using the correct paper shredder oil

It’s important to use specific paper shredder oil such as our INFOSTOP shredder oil. Don’t be tempted into using any lubricant from an aerosol can such as WD40, RP7, etc.. Using incorrect oil can not only void warranty but also “bind up” your shredder with evaporated residue which may cause failure.