INFOSTOP IS100HDR Hard Drive Shredder with Video Validation

This INFOSTOP hard drive shredder with video validation system safely and securely destroys hard drives ensuring 100% of your data will never be recovered. Suitable for when the highest digital security is needed.

Featuring safe, simple and fast operation, this productive industrial hard drive shredder can shred 6-9 hard drives per minute.

Maximise productivity with an optional output conveyor.
Maintain clean air with an optional air filtration system.

  • Dual Entry with Independent Batch Session Counters
  • Output 360-500 Devices/Hour
  • Entry 1 Shreds Metal Media to 40×40-80mm
  • Entry 1 Accepts: Hard Media Server HD (with caddy), Desktop HD, Laptop HD
  • Entry 1 Security Levels: H-4 / O-1 / T-2 / E-2 / F-1
  • Entry 2 Shreds Soft Media to 10×40-80mm
  • Entry 2 Accepts: SSD, USB/SD media, Optical Media CD/DVD & Blu-ray
  • Entry 2 Security Levels: H-4 / O-2 / T-2 / E-2 / F-1
  • Built with tool steel cutters for a long service life
  • Long 8 hour daily usage time
  • Enclosed cabinet with a large collection bin
  • 30kg waste capacity
  • 3 phase, 40amp power supply
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Weight (kg) 1115
Dimensions (mm)

1035W x 1120D x 1400H

Shreds CDs


Shred Type

Cross Cut