Save Time with Auto Feed Shredders

The days of standing at a paper shredder, manually feeding page after page watching it shred are gone. With technology allowing us to simply load paper, close the lid and then continue on with our day. Auto feed shredders have grown in popularity and are now a common sight in many homes & offices.

Auto feed shredders have grown in features to now being able to shred documents with paper clips and staples and also lock the lid to prevent any access to unshredded documents.

While they are a little slower compared to manual feed shredders, the advantage is the ability to load documents and walk away without having to wait. They are also now designed with noise in mind. A good auto feed shredder will be quiet enough to place within an office and not provide any distraction.

Catering for a variety of different people’s needs, they come in a range of security levels from cross cut to micro cut, a wide range of sizes with different waste capacities and different abilities like shredding CDs and credit cards.

View our range of auto feed shredders to find one that suits your needs.