Cardboard Shredders and Perforators

With sustainability now being a significant focus for business, cardboard shredders can play an important role and help our environment. Plastic packaging is being used less and less and there is increasing push back from consumers who don’t want their product to arrive in mountains of plastic. This is where repurposing cardboard into packaging material comes in.

Cardboard shredders make both environmental and commercial sense benefiting everyone and our environment. Cardboard shredders are simple to use, affordable and create very effective packaging.

When cardboard is perforated it becomes springy, flexible and is easily formable to wrap around products and keep them safe during delivery. Cardboard shredders can also easily create void to fill to ensure products remain tight in their boxes and not move around during shipping.

Our range of cardboard shredders will turn your old cardboard into effective package with ease. Take your old cardboard, feed it into the machine and it will perforate the cardboard and give you sustainable packaging to please your customers and the environment.

View our range of cardboard shredders to find one that suits your needs.